About the Electronic Library :

The Electronic Library was established in 2006 in order toenter the technological field in the libraries of the faculty of Education – Ain Shams University.

The Electronic Library shows the progress of the libraries of the university and the faculty in order to convoy the development of the age and to accompany the technology in the academic research and the high education.

In the Electronic Library there is a room that takes 40 students.


The Electronic Library gives many services like :

1-    It helps the post graduates in their academic researches.

2-    Searching on the internet.

3-    Look at researches of all the departments of the faculty and printing from it according to laws.

4-    Converting the hard copies of the researches into soft copies.

5-    Look at books and periodicals in www.eul.edu.eg and spring web page.

6-    Look at any topic by using the internet

7-    Using scientific and literary Encyclopedia.

8-    Training on TOEFL exams.

9-    Set up computer exams of post graduates.


     The Electronic Library puts all literary  and scientific researches on CD and sent them to all the departments inside the faculty to show its contents that helps 22 department like:


Pedagogical departments:

1-    Comparative pedagogy department

2-    Curriculum and Teaching methods department

3-    Foundation of Education department

4-    Psychological health department

5-    Pedagogical psychology department

6-    History department

7-    Geography department

8-    Philosophy and sociology department

9-    Specific Education department


Literary departments:

1-    German department

2-    English department

3-    French department

4-    Arabic department


Scientific departments:

1-    Biology and Geology department

2-    Chemistry department

3-    Physics department

4-    Mathematics department


Quality Education departments:

1-    Educational Media department

2-    Art Education department

3-    Music department

4-    House-Hold department

5-    Educational Technology department


There is a hand book that contains all the M.A. and PH.D. researches .

There is an electronic site that contains all the information of the scientific and the literary researches that students can easily take at any time.

Converting hard copies of the researches into soft copies to be easy for the students to look at .

The Electronic Library helps the academic society by establishing many courses in many fields like:

1-    Courses related to the academic development center with the co- operation of Ministry of Education.

2-    Stuff members training courses on the system of credit hours.

3-    Stuff members training courses in the field of computer and technology

4-    Workers training courses in the field of computer and technology.

5-    Symposiums and academic argumentations inside the faculty.


Electronic Library works for the undergraduates , the postgraduates , students from other universities and stuff members.