As a teacher you have the opportunity to shape people's lives and have a profound effect on their future. With our programs, studying at the faculty of Education will help you inspire a new generation of students to develop a love of learning.Our programs ensure graduates are ready to teach today and into the future. You will have a chance to work with students in schools and learn from experienced teachers.


The Faculty of Education was established mainly to prepare and qualify students to be teachers for both general & basic education schools. These students must hold either general secondary education certificates (integrative system) or university degrees (sequential system). In addition, the Faculty of Education is responsible for preparing leaders and specialists in different fields of research.

The faculty of Education aims to achieve quality standards in preparing teachers and educationalists and conducting both educational and specialized researches in such a manner as would develop the educational system and the educational policy-making. It also aims to make a qualitative change in the preparation programs of both specialized teachers to keep up with the changes of both the Egyptian and Arabic labor market. Moreover, it tends to develop the system of postgraduate studies & scientific research in the light of competition requirements and to make its quantitative and qualitative outputs more efficient.

The faculty of Education is recognized as a leader in primary and secondary teacher education. It pays much attention to the quality of educational outputs to cope with the needs of the labor market. It provides the suitable environment for students at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. It offers training programs for the faculty staff, technicians and administrators. Moreover, it participates in the fields of international cooperation through agreements with other international universities


Our Departments: A broad range of departments means you can specialize in the field of your choice. The faculty has 17 departments:


Areas of Specialization

Department of Curricula& Methodology


Department of Foundations of Education


Department of Educational Psychology.

Branch of Psychology

Department of Mental Hygiene


Department of Comparative Education


Department of Special Education

Branch of Special Education ( in both literary & Scientific departments)

Department of Arabic &Islamic Studies.

Branch of Arabic &Islamic Studies.

Department of English.

Branch of English.

Department of French.

Branch of French.

Department of German.

Branch of German.

Department of History.

Branch of History.

Department of Geography.

Branch of Geography.

Department of Philosophy & Sociology.

a.     Branch of Philosophy

b.    Branch of Sociology

Department of Mathematics.

Branch of Mathematics.

Department of Physics

Branch of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Branch of Chemistry

Department of Biology & Geology.

a.     Branch of Biology

b.     Branch of  Geology.