1- Holding a program for Developing research and scientific skills for the college graduates and students who are about to graduate.







2- Designing a language skills course in Grammar in cooperation with the Department of Arabic and the Students Union.







3- A symposium titled'' preparation and mental capacity are eligible for admission to the university colleges in cooperation with the Department of Educational Psychology''






4- Your way to the first day job, CV writing and communication skills in collaboration with Fish& Jungle Foundation.






5- Seminar held on grants and research projects in cooperation with Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).






6- An international seminar entitled'' Education for all target and investigator''





Seminar of professor drNazliFesborg, UNICEF expert and professor at the university ofLozinberg in Sweden with the cooperation between the Office of Communications and International Cooperation and the Department of Educational Foundations.


7- Workshop entitled "Grasp Your Dream" about how to apply and get an international scholarship.


8-    A Workshop about the digital library and the international database with the co-operation of the electronic services unit.