1- Opening the Main Gate of Faculty of Education on Al-Maqrizi ST. after its renewal and all the surrounding area.


2- The Renewal of the Gisr Al-swiss Gate of Faculty of Education.


3- The renewal and the development of the English department ( the main room and the rooms of the faculty members in cooperation with the members of the department themselves and the Scientific Care Association.








4- Construct a building of (7) Rooms behind the Education building for the expansion of the buildings designed for the graduate and Postgraduate Affairs office, the Clinic, the pharmacy and the rest rooms.







5- The allocation of a place where the whole garbage of the college is collected in order to be delivered to the cars of Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Authority.


6- Two outlets are being built next to the education building for selling the university book. The second floor will be allocated for the geography lab.







7- Opening an air-conditioned break for the faculty members and their assistants.


8- The renewal of the Department of Biological and Geological Sciences entrance and the maintenance of the animals' laboratory.







9- Opening the computer lab in the C.F.D.U( Center for Developing University Education) in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.