1. The Department of Geography and GIS did a field study to the northwest coast of Egypt in 2015.


201503021651.jpg2. Holding the first sports festival as well as practicing activities such as racing, volleyball, Tennis Table and etc,.


3. Participating in art competitions held in Ain Shams university

4. A second forum for students


5. Japan education seminar - Lessons learned and ways to support the Egyptian-Japanese cooperation in the field of education in cooperation with the Department of Cooperative Education, Educational Administration and Japan embassy in Cairo. In addition to scientific and cultural exhibitions held on the sidelines of the seminar where the scientific community of the Department of Chemistry presented models of simple chemistry based industries like soaps, perfumes and candles. The scientific community in the department of physics also provided models of physical science experiments. Finally, the Department of History provided model examples of ancient Egyptian monuments like thePyramids, Mummies and other things.