Components of the Postgraduate Library :

•      (12) computers, nine of which are connected to the internet to facilitate scientific research services for the library users; and are distributed over three wooden units, each of which is comprised of three computers.

•      (3) Laser printers connected to the computers to facilitate printing whether from computers or from the internet.

•      (3)efficient photocopiers to facilitate photocopying of the library materials according to the regulations of the library.

•      (11) air-conditioners to make the library a better place for work and reading.

•      (40) stands to exhibit books, dissertations and periodicals.

•      (20) tables and 110 chairs for the comfort of library users.

•      (14) desks and chairs for the librarians.


Services of the Postgraduate Library :

•      The library offers photocopying services at a cost of 10 piasters per page. Students are allowed only to photocopy 15 pages of a dissertation according the university regulations of libraries.

•      The library offers the internet service at a cost of a pound per hour.

•      The library offers electronic search service.

•      The library offers catalogues search service.

•      The library offers external borrowing service: a student can be an external borrower at a cost of 100 pounds which will be recovered on the closure of the service.


Departments of the Postgraduate library :

1.    Reception Department.

2.    Department of Dissertations.

3.    Department of Arabic&ForeignPeriodicals.

4.    Department of ComparativeEducation.

5.    Department of Curricula&Methodology.

6.    Department of EducationalFoundations.

7.    Department of MentalHygiene.

8.    Department of EducationalPsychology.

9.    Department of History.

10.  Department of Geography.

11.   Department of Philosophy&Sociology.

12.   Department of Arabic.


Achievements of the Postgraduate Library :

1.    The library has been offering services for both postgraduate students at the faculty and students outside Ain Shams University.

2.    The library has been provided by both a local and a global network for the service of the faculty students, teaching staff members and students from other universities.

3.    The library has been supplied by (9) computers to facilitate the service of scientific research for students, in addition to (4) computers used by the librarians in the data entry of the library materials including dissertations, periodicals and books.

4.    The library has been renovated and provided by air-conditioners; lightening has been increased and its furniture has been changed for the comfort and service of students.

5.    Books in the library were previously classified and cataloged according to the Dewey decimal classification. However, to keep up with development and machinization, the library has started to apply the Future Project of the SupremeCouncil of Universities, and has replaced the Dewey Decimal Classification with Mark Classification 102.


The Library Financial Regulation :

In accordance with the Central Library of Ain Shams University, the library committee has agreed to alter the internal financial regulation of the postgraduate library (regarding photocopying unit, library users and internet-based research) as follows:

1.    The cost of photocopying service is 15 piasters per page.

2.    Non-teaching staff members and postgraduate students at Ain Shams University pay 5 pounds per day or 50 pounds per year as entrance fees.

3.    Overseas postgraduate students pay 10 pounds per day or 100 pounds per year as entrance fees.

4.    Internet-based search costs 2 pounds per hour.

According to previously enacted regulations in 2006/2007/2008, it is postulated that the library proceeds are deposited in the library account in the Central Bank of Ain Shams University; and that these proceeds are spent in the following way:

       i.           75% of the library revenue is spent on maintenance services and purchasing necessary paper and ink.

     ii.            25% of the library revenue is spent as emoluments for the library officials.