Geography Department was one of the branches of Social Studies Department that had been established in 1929 with the beginning of  Academy of Education for teachers , that academy that was working untill 1949 .

In 1950 , Ain Shams university  has been built ,the minister of Education at that time was Ismael mahmoudelqabany who gave order to build what was called Faculty of Teachers . Professor, Maher Kamel - professor in Psychology- was the first one to be the head of Social Studies Department.

 In 1994,the department of Social Studieshas been divided into three sections ,Geography Department, History Department, Philosophy and sociology Department.

From that time(1994) Geography department became a separate Unity seeks to achieve his missionin preparing teachers. Professor ,mohamed abo elelamohamed el tahan was the head of the department at that time ,then ,Professor Mostafa mohamedElboghdady hold the position until now.