Dr. Maged Mahmoud Abou El-Enain

The post-graduate studies is a special and an optional stage in the life of most students as it is strongly related to the scientific researches that contribute a lot to solve the problems of society and individuals ; and consequently leading to its progress . For achieving that , the Faculty of Education at Ain-Shams University has always granted a large number of  graduates high certificates such as diplomas , M.A. degrees , and Ph.D. degrees. Also , to introduce an excellent educational service , the faculty seeks to apply the quality standards of the high education institutions such as the appropriate circumstances for the best education , the development of educational and training programs that must be suitable to the needs of society , the development of the electronic  infrastructure that can be used in the procedures of registration and admission , the availability of database and statistics that are used to show the percentage of newcomers and the number and kind of scientific degrees , and finally the evaluation of the performance of researchers during the seminars , and the periodical reports that occur before and after the registration of any scientific degree . In fact , the faculty administration  exerts efforts for achieving more progress so that the faculty can play its role as one of the most important educational institutions  in Egypt .