1- The construction of the ''International Co-operation and Communication Office'' : This office aims at supporting the international co-operation between the faculty and the foreign universities in order to develop the academic and training  programs in the educational and research areas . It also organizes conferences and workshops and welcomes a number of foreign and Arab professors .

2- The construction of the ''Educational Uniqueness Office'' : This office aims at achieving the educational distinction in the fields of  the preparation of researchers and the service of society internationally and regionally .  This Center grants academic certificates and M.A. degrees in the fields of the educational leadership and the design and development of curricula .the

3- Available post-graduate programs ( Diplomas ) in education outside Egypt in order to introduce an excellent service to the Egyptian and non-Egyptian citizens .

4- The construction of  a special office for the newcomers to facilitate the service .

5- Making a pilot for the post-graduate students .

6- Making an index for the fifth research areas ( 2012-2017 ) in the faculty .

7- Making the strategy and the research plan of the faculty

8- Organizing workshops for the stuff members and the workers in MIS .

9- Organizing a workshop entitled as '' Designing and Constructing  the Academic Curricula '' with the collaboration of the Edward Prince University .

10- Developing the educational and literary magazine  through which the educational and literary researches are published .

11- Determining the general rules that regulate the Seminar and the registration of the scientific thesis .

12- Granting academic scholarships to help researchers collect the material , and to benefit from the experiences of other people.