Work hard to spread the principles of normal and positive psychological characteristics in general without differences due to religion, color or race, and through the perspective  of the right to citizenship for all the categories:

1-Children of all their stages, whether in the family, school or street

2-Adolescents and young people of different stages in universities, institutes or multiple segments of society as hope for a hopeful future.

3-husbands and wives to get them together to the psychological marital rational reflect the tolerant principles of heavenly religions all; which leads to the restoration of the lost sanctity of the marital relationship.

4-Rehabilitation of parents as educators for generations until the climate of domestic renouncing the rejection of violence, aggression and all the negative behaviors of anti-society, to make their interactions more tolerant and deliberately and balanced. Which is reflected in all aspects of the good upbringing of new generations of children.

5-Elderly citizens whom have the society's storage of wisdom to make their  life more accessible and psychological comfort