The department of Comparative Education and Educational Administration was established in 1957 by Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Kadri Lotfy (may Allah have mercy on him) since the department was  called the Department of Comparative Education and then in 1971  educational administration was added to the Comparative Education and since that date until now known as department of Comparative Education  and educational administration.

The Department of Comparative Education and Educational Administration is considered as a service section for the  undergraduate levels to offer  professional and educational preparation  for students and teachers in the bachelor  stage in various disciplines programs, also offers some elective courses for the first level undergraduate students.

For the graduate-studies, the Department of Comparative and educational management education is considered a specialized department that offers specialized programs in the disciplines of comparative and international education and educational management, both to his students or other disciplines students at the level of :professional diplomas, general diploma, Special Diploma in Education and master's and PHD degrees in education .Also the department  provides some courses for postgraduate studies in the preparation of teacher in various disciplines