It is well known that mathematics is the mother of science and the basis for any progress in all spheres of life: industrial, agricultural, medical and more. It is also the basis for the development of technological sciences. The Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education is considered one of the most prestigious departments altogether, including the distinguished scientific competencies in the various disciplines of Mathematics. It includes many of the faculty members who obtain the State Merit certificates in science as well as the best scientific research awards and excellence awards in teaching. The Department contains Pure and Applied Mathematics sections for the undergraduates for both General Education and Basic Education. The department also teaches all other sections of the college, whether scientific ones (Chemistry - Physics - Biology - basic science) or literary ones (Arabic Language - Social Science - English). It also teaches the computer subject to all students of the Faculty of Education. In all sections outlined, the department teaches Mathematics in Arabic and in English to prepare teachers capable of teaching mathematics in English in language schools. Some of the department members also teach many different courses in Egyptian and Arab universities.

The Department grants many Degrees (Diploma - Master - PhD) in subspecialties in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. It also prepares seminars (panel discussions) in the branches of mathematics regularly and continuously and it is attended by many faculty members from different Egyptian universities. The members of the department publish their researches at prestigious international scientific journals.

The Faculty members in the Department of Mathematics participate in supervising and judging various scientific theses both inside and outside the university.

The Faculty members in the Department of Mathematics also participate in permanent scientific committees and specialized scientific journals. As well as participating in the scientific committees for judging and promoting those who apply for the scientific promotions for the degree of assistant professor and professor.