The Department of Chemistry is one of the academic departments at the Faculty of Education - Ain Shams University. The Department aims at offering educational services to prepare a teacher of chemistry and a teacher of science qualified to teach chemistry to high school students as well as for students of basic stage (primary and preparatory) in Egypt. The enrolled students are those who achieved the Egyptian high school and its equivalents. The department provides reputed educational services to students of the sections of chemistry, physics, biology and geology and of Mathematics in general and in basic education in Arabic and English. The department also offers educational programs in the field of chemistry for postgraduate students in professional and specialized diplomas. It also grants degrees in postgraduate programs for students of preparing teacher of Science in organic and inorganic chemistry and physical disciplines. The department offers general diploma, special Diploma, Master's and doctorate within the educational and the scientific role assigned to the Department of Chemistry. The department provides the undergraduate students with 180 hours of theoretical lectures per week and 216 hours of scientific training and offers postgraduate students 120 hours per week.