Dr. Maged Mahmoud Abou El-Enain

The world has recently witnessed rapid and successive changes, especially in technology and knowledge. These challenges are reflected in the methods of teaching and learning as a result of the increasing technological innovations-including both devices and software- and the widespread of the internet. All these have led to a remarkable shift in the methods of teaching and learning, from lecturing and instruction to interaction in the learning environment including learners, teachers, physical environment, colleagues, curricula and educational programs, etc.

The Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University is regarded as one of the leading faculties on both the national and Arabic terms. Being responsible for developing the human resources and preparing its teachers by utilizing the latest methods which keep abreast of the international and scientific developments, the Faculty of Education employs the latest technologies in the teaching process in order to achieve its goals  which have been to provide the faculty graduates with  a three-dimension system: values, skills and knowledge. It also prepares programs of development with the aim of enhancing the performance standards of the faculty members, including the faculty staff, administrators, technicians and students. It does so through the following:

1.    Meeting the requirements of academic criteria in the light of the requirements of the national and international accreditation authorities.

2.    Implementing the quality management system in the faculty.

3.    Providing training programs for the faculty staff, technicians and administrators.

4.    Adopting both a five-year developing strategic plan and a long-term plan.

5.    Using the latest technologies in the teaching process.

6.    Providing the suitable environment for students at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels.

7.    Paying much attention to the quality of educational outputs to cope with the needs of the labor market.

8.    Activating and developing scientific research projects in the field of postgraduate studies according to the scientific research strategy of the faculty and the scientific research plan of the university.

9.    Participating in the fields of international cooperation through the conclusion of bilateral agreements with other international universities in order to achieve the vision, mission and the goals of the faculty, including exchange of experiences, and to preserve the reputation of the university and its image on the international map of university education.

I pray God to help all the faculty members to serve this prestigious institution and our dear Egypt. Hope all students in our faculty succeed and I ask Allah to coronate your efforts with success.