Start receiving Researches of the first general conference of the Institute of papyri in Ain Shams

By: Abdulrahman Abdul Rahim

 Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Kashaf, Acting Dean of the Graduate Institute of papyrus , inscriptions and art restoration at Ain Shams University, said he begin receiving researches of the first international conference of the Institute of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Egyptian antiques until 1st December. The conference will be held in cooperation with the papyrus Studies Center and inscriptions; it is scheduled to take place during 28 to 29 March next year, under the auspices of Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, president of the university.

Prof. Muhammad Kashaf said that The topics of the conference include papyrus studies , inscriptions , ancient religions , excavations of archaeological , ancient history, philosophy, literature, geography , historical restoration , arts and ancient languages ​​and includes specialties papyrus , inscriptions , many languages such as ​​Greek , Latin , Hebrew , Farsi , Turkish , urdo , Syriac , Aramaic , ancient religions and monuments and ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman and Islamic history. Explaining that subscription fees are 1 thousand Egyptian pounds for making and publication of research and 500 dollar for non-Egyptians for making and publication of research and accommodation. For who would like to attend the conference only, without displaying its research LE 200 for Egyptians for notification of attendance and 100 dollar for non-Egyptians to notification of attendance, pointing out that the research summaries will be send via e-mail. For more information, press the link