International Relations & Cooperation Office IRCO

Since the international cooperation is the key to develop the higher education, The International Relations and Cooperation Office (IRCO) was founded in Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University by the resolution issued by the Faculty Council on 3/12/2012.

The mission of the International Relations and Cooperation Office (IRCO) is to actively promote international and intercultural understanding by facilitating the exchange of students and visiting professors through reaching mutual partnership agreements and joining university international cooperation networks.

IRCO aims at:

  • promoting and strengthening the internationalization of Ain Shams University to facilitate access to new opportunities of education and training of the international universities;
  • architecting and applying MOUs and agreements between ASU and the university international cooperation networks;
  • facilitating the mobility of international students;
  • managing and facilitating international students’ affairs as well as coordinating students exchange;
  • providing info sessions about new grants offered to the Faculties and sharing info on the social media websites, like IRCO facebook fan page, and on the official ASU website. 
  • providing full support to the candidate scholars traveling to the international universities, through advising on the details of the grants and the best way to write and submit reports required by the granting bodies;  
  • planning for national and international training courses to promote the ASU faculties’ skills;
  • promoting the benefit form the international visiting professors.
  • enhancing research projects in various disciplines as well as engaging professors, who seek exchange of experience, in these projects and  
  • devising plans and mechanisms to join various university cooperation networks.


Tel & Fax: +2024516021

Mob: +201098257891

Website: http://irco.asu.edu.eg

Email: irco@edu.asu.edu.eg

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/irco.edu.asu