Dr.Lamia Mohamed Ahmed, a professor of planning and economics of Education, Department of Foundations of Education and director of the scientific publication unit

Interview by: AmanySamir

 Dr. Lamiaa, welcome to our interview; it is a pleasure having you here to open a communication channel with your professors, colleagues and students through our college website.

 Q: Tell us briefly about your biography and contributions…

In a few words, I am Lamiaa Mohamed Ahmed a professor of planning and economics of Education, Department of Foundations of Education and director of the scientific publication unit since March, 2016. I had some contributions in the field of higher education development projects, especially quality assurance and strategic planning projects. I had also some participations in the field of training and in the projects of measuring the effect of improving education under supervision of the international bank. I also worked in supervision and evaluation unit in ministry of higher education.             

 Q: Tell us about the establishment of scientific publication unit in the college?

Scientific publication unit in Faculty of Education is a service unit that follows college’s higher education and research unit. The college’s committee decided to establish it in 22/5/2014 and it was opened in 6/1/2015. The aim of establishing this unit is raising research in the college. A fixed system was set to supervise specialized scientific magazines launched by the college. And that was supported by a committee to edit and revise research arbitration according to the scientific method.

Q: what is the mission and the vision of the scientific publication unit?

Our vision in the unit is leading and competing in the field of scientific publication. Our mission is offering publication services according to the international standards.

Q: What are the scientific publication unit most remarkable achievements?

We have launched four specialized educational scientific magazines in both languages: English and Arabic. The magazines are:

·         The college’s magazine in educational fields

·         The college’s magazine in psychology

·         The college’s magazine in anthropology and art

·         The college’s magazine in basic sciences

 Q: What are the aims and specialization of the scientific publication unit?

The unit specializes at:

·         publishing research in the fields of education, art, psychology, and anthropology that are the products of the college’s different departments

·         Marketing for research productions

·         Participating in building and supporting research capacities

·         Editing and launching the college’s magazines

·         Participating in organizing the college’s annual conference

 Q: What are the services offered by the scientific publication unit for the college’s students?

We offer editing and printing services. Also, we offer workshops and courses to reach out mission and vision. We also help the college’s staff members and TAs to search and innovate. That greatly contributes in accomplishing the college’s ambitions to cope with the civilized world.

Q: Are there any courses/international conferences organized by the scientific publication unit?

Among the courses offered by the unit is the editing course and a course in the field of international publication in cooperation with the international cooperation unit.

 The unit also participated in organizing the college’s first international conference entitled: “Strategic trends in education-future challenges”. That was from 15/10 till 17/10/2016.

Q: Are there any other activities offered by the scientific publication unit?

The unit offers  voluntary opportunities for obtaining life skills related to research skills. Volunteers are offered a certificate from the unit that includes their volunteering hours and the kind of the life skill that he/she has excelled in. 


Q: Are there any protocols or agreements between the unit and other units in the college?

As for the agreements, we have two: one is with Ebisco Company and Ain Shams University. This agreement was approved in 25/2/2015 concerning publishing the college’s magazine of education throughout this company. The second is a mutual cooperation between the unit and Dar El Manzoma for publishing and databases to widen the spread of the college’s magazines in the Arab world.

 Q: What is your future vision to develop scientific publication unit?

We aim at developing our performance in the unit and raise the quality of our research products throughout:

·         Providing interactive channel between stakeholders in different levels throughout suggesting education development policies.

·         Continuing the steps towards providing internet website for the unit.

·         Starting our translation project in the educational research to renew our knowledge

·         Widening our services in editing, statistical treatment, printing, etc.

Thanks a lot, Dr. Aliaa for this interview.
                      By: Ms. Amany Samir Mohamed ali
 Public relations and media administration-Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University