Second VISA Access Program

In collaboration with the Center of Development of University Education, the International Cooperation and Relations Office at the Faculty of Education launches the Second VISA Access Program.

♦ Second VISA Access Program

The Second Visa Access Program is a set of training activities aiming at qualifying you to obtain a travel grant, integrate into other cultures and develop your English.

In this program you will learn the following:

·        What are grants and what are the national and international granting institutions?

·        How to write a personal essay- motivation letter and recommendation letter.

·        Communication with universities abroad.

·        How to write e-mails and cover letters.

·        Types of international tests required for grants and how to be well prepared for passing them: TOEFL - IELTS - GRE - GMAT – SAT.

·        How to prepare for grant interview.

·        How to write your CV in a professional way.

·        How to acquaint  and integrate with other cultures

·        The importance of English in practical life

There will be Trainers of great experience and knowledge of these fields.

Place of training: Faculty of Education-Ain Shams University.

Start Date: Friday, 24th March, 2017.

Applicants will be granted accredited certificates which can be authenticated from the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contact Number: