Goethe Alumni Program's activities and events
International Relations and Cooperation office is happy to announce 
"Goethe Alumni Program's activities and events"
This month Goethe has something special for you planned for you, a workshop on different art methods. Two German artists, Swenja Bergold and Anne Euler, are coming to Cairo to conduct a workshop on Methods of Arts, combining various crafts from visual arts with cinematography. The two-day workshop takes place at the Goethe-Institut Bustan on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of March, 2017.   
 .If you are interested and available during both days, please apply using this link 
Please fill out the application if you are interested and able to attend the Workshop on March 24th and 25th, 2017. The workshop will start on Friday from 10am-6.30pm and continue on Saturday from 10 am, ending with a presentation and dinner starting 8pm. Your objectives while filling out the application should be the following: 1. Try to impress us 2. Prove your creativity 3. Try to win a spot in the workshop ( the process is competitive and seats are limited)
. There is only a limited number of spots available and the application is competitive 
Kindly note that the workshop will be held in English.