The university honors a number of symbols of the October war amid a heavy crowd

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Community Service and Environmental Development, held a grand celebration in Egypt, held in conjunction with the celebrations of Egypt and the Egyptians with the victory of October 6, 1973.

The Chief of Staff of the War Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf, the former Governor of Luxor and the strategic expert at Nasser Higher Military Academy, attended the inauguration ceremony, General Staff of the war Mohammed Kamal, Major General Magdi Ahmed Shehata, Major General Abdo Ahmed Arafa, Colonel Mohammed Salah Hassan, Director of the Department of Military Education at the university, and the deans and the secretary of the faculties of the university, Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, Secretary General of the University, Heba Shaheen Head of Media Department, Faculty of Arts and Director of the Media Center of the University, Prof. Dr. Hala Mahmoud Khalaf Professor of History at the Faculty of Education and Director of the University Services Marketing Center, Mr. Suhail Mahmoud Hamza and a group of deans and faculty vice-deans.

During the celebration activities organized by the community service sector and environmental development, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel-Hamid confirmed that the university under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat was keen to inaugurate the first cultural events in a celebration that embodies the great victory of October to present role models for young people and to acquaint them with the heroines of our armed forces and their achievements. Pointing out that the spirit of October is able to ignite the enthusiasm of youth and push them to work for the development of the nation.

The General Staff of the War Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf reviewed part of the Egyptian army championships starting with his participation in the Egyptian Thunder Brigade in the war in Yemen and through the defeat of 67 and its resistance, which was erased by the insistence of the army and the people to expel the enemy and cleanse the land and then the war of attrition that helped lift the morale of the Egyptians and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Then he spoke about the victory of glorious October, explaining the role of air forces, navy and infantry in achieving this victory, which dazzled the whole world and witnessed him the enemy before the friend.

Major General Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf said that the Egyptian armed forces have a long and powerful arm enough to embrace and protect their lands and provide security and peace for their people. Egypt has the strongest army in the Middle East.

He also called on young people to trust their capabilities, our armed forces and our political leadership and to work with all seriousness to build the nation.

The event, which witnessed a heavy demand from different age groups, included a documentary film about the victory of October and another film about the history of the long-standing and honorable General Staff Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf Al-Askari.

At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid honored the spirits of the protagonists of the martyrs of the October war, the pioneer Martyr Ibrahim Abu Saada, the martyr Rua Abu Sa'ada, the martyr Muhammad Bahi Al-Din and the martyr Muhammad Ahmad Abdo Araf.

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid presnted the shield of the university to the General Staff of the war Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf in recognition of his great history full of tournaments.

On the sidelines of the celebration, an exhibition of Fine Arts was held by the students of the Faculty of Specific Education under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi, Dean of the Faculty, which explained that the exhibition included nearly 40 paintings embodying the October tournaments and documenting the feather and colors stories of transit and victory.